Advent is here

Advent – synonyms – arrival · appearance · emergence · materialization · surfacing · occurrence · dawn · origin · birth · rise · development · approach · coming · looming · nearing · advance

Advent simply put means something or someone is coming. It’s usually used to refer to GOOD things or people. When we know someone is coming to visit us we often make considerable preparations. We make up the guest room, plan meals and activities, and do everything we can to make the person feel welcome, cared for, and at home. The more special the person the greater the preparations. At this time of year we are in the advent of waiting for the celebration of the birth of Jesus, the Son of God who brings us forgiveness and eternal life. Right now most of us are planning quite the big celebration. Wouldn’t it be weird if we made preparations, had meals, activities and a celebration without our guest ever arriving? Sure it would. However, in our busy schedules and the absolutely crazy retail atmosphere it would almost seem that the preparations and party have overtaken the meaning of Christmas. Let’s not cheat ourselves of the true gift – God’s only Son born in a stable to save us all. As much as I, too, like the preparations, let’s focus on what we really receive from God. While we do so let’s bring “little advents” to others. Not everyone is blessed with family and friends, homes and jobs, & good health. Not everyone feels love around them. Let’s bring them some! Shovel a sidewalk, visit a friend or relative, make a phone call, bring food, shop for someone in need (see our activities page for details) or find some other creative and joyful way to bring to others goodness, love, and the joy we have in the birth of Jesus Christ. This year let’s not just observe Advent, let’s be Advent. Pastor Diane Norstad